Seken Furniture starts with one basic concept, to evoke memories of the past through our collections. Rough, Irregular and Imperfection have beautiful stories inside.

All the main materials used reclaimed wood such as reclaimed teak and reclaimed iron wood. Our skilled carpenters are able to transform them into new and timeless furnitures.

In the end, our goals is to revive the second life of the wood to create a greener tomorrow by only using reclaimed materials.

Welcome to our journey.



As an effort to sustain the environmment, we only used of materials of our product. We don't cut down trees, but we got it form old houses. Beside the historical value of the used wood also has good quality. Defect or injured wood is not a bad thing. In other hands, we considered that used defect wood has magnificent historical object.


Because we all share this planet earth, we have to learn to live in harmony and peacewith each other and with nature.

For us this is not just dream, but a necessity.


Through simplicity comes great beauty.

The beauty of our product is found in every design by bring real, authentic and natural touch.